Ana & James

Dear Mike and all The Get Downs players

I wanted to thank you all for making our wedding day so very very very special – we had the most incredibly amazing day and the music was just phenomenal.

You’ve probably forgotten which wedding we were, it was the one in Windsor Great Park at Cumberland Lodge on 31 August 2013. You absolutely bought the house (or rather, marquee) down – I cannot tell you how many of the guests have commented on how amazing you guys were! I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to write to you; we didn’t get back from our honeymoon until the end of November, and then Christmas seemed to completely take over but, in the spirit of better late than never, thank you thank you thank you – you were truly wonderful. The moment you played the opening chords of ‘All You Need Is Love’ is my favourite memory of the day, along with all the dancing!

James and I often talk about the day and reminisce about the music and dancing. I really cannot thank you enough. If there’s any sort of official review you would like us to do, please let us know. You were truly excellent and we rave about you to everyone who says they need a band.

Thank you again – It sounds horribly mushy, but it true; you added a lot of magic to a very magical day.

With very best wishes to you all for 2014.

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