Vintage Bands

Mike Paul-Smith is the musical director of Down for the Count – one of the UK’s most critically acclaimed vintage bands. 

The band can be found performing at world-famous jazz clubs, concert halls and festivals – and can also be hired for your private event.

Down for the Count All-Stars

11-piece mini big band. Found at world-famous jazz clubs, vintage festivals and dances.

Down for the Count Big Band

19-piece big band. Performing Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and more.

Down for the Count Orchestra

Big band with strings. A stunning sound and captivating stage show.

The Vintage Strollers

Acoustic, vocal-led walkabout act. Uplifting and lively swing and pop music.

Alexander’s Ragtime Band

Instrumental walkabout band. Traditional swing and jazz music (vocal option also available).

Lady Gatsby Jazz Band

Glamorous vocal-led band. Classic jazz and vintage covers of modern songs.
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