Party Bands

Exquisite party bands for your special event. 

Whether you’re looking for a 6-piece band for an intimate wedding or a 45-piece orchestra for a show-stopping celebration, we’ve got you covered.

Capital Sounds Showband

Luxury showband. Performing pop, soul and Motown at exclusive events worldwide.

The Get Downs

Versatile party band. A great mix of swing, jive, soul and Motown appealing to all ages.

The Get Downs Lite

6- and 7-piece versions of The Get Downs. Perfect for events with smaller budgets.

Down for the Count All-Stars

11-piece mini big band. Found at world-famous jazz clubs, vintage festivals and dances.

Down for the Count Big Band

19-piece big band. Performing Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and more.

Down for the Count Orchestra

Big band with strings. A stunning sound and captivating stage show.

Get Brassy

Lively instrumental brass band. Performing raucous covers of pop classics.

Lady Gatsby Jazz Band

Glamorous vocal-led band. Classic jazz and vintage covers of modern songs.

The Vintage Swing Collective Dancers

Authentic swing dancers. Vintage dance lessons and choreographed routines.
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