Carina Meager

Hi Mike,

Huge apologies for taking so long to write to you…time has simply flown past since the wedding and now, on Wednesday morning, we finally leave the UK.

Thank you. Thank you all so, so much for providing such brilliant music and entertainment! I loved every single moment, and though I wasn’t there dancing all the time, I was listening everywhere I went. I was disappointed that more people weren’t up and dancing, however I have since found out that Dan put the Olympics on. Had I gave known about this I’d have turned the TV off! However, given that it turned out to be the biggest night for GB I guess I can let him off…

We have decided that we will have a party for our tenth anniversary. I’m working on Dan because I actually want one a lot sooner than this and will, without a doubt, want you guys to be there again. We had so many compliments about the music played and each time I did manage to get in the dance floor I had the best time!

Take care.

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