George & Jo

Not knowing at all where to start planning a wedding, I asked friends for recommendations on everything from florists to dresses to wedding music. A friend of ours, who wouldn’t mind me saying is quite tough to please, unreservedly recommended The Get Downs and said that at his wedding, even if everything else had gone wrong (which thankfully it didn’t!), it would have been a fantastic day just for having The Get Downs perform.

So off we went to their Christmas Concert and booked right up. Right from the start, Mike treated us as friends and went out of his way in many ways to help make sure everything was just right and ‘us’ – and it absolutely was!

The band are wonderfully professional and on such a busy day it was great to know we could just trust them to sort everything and they blew everyone away! We had a good number of professional musicians in our midsts and all said how brilliant the band was and how much they’d enjoyed the music – praise indeed!

It’s a lot of responsibility to make a recommendation of any kind for someone else’s wedding but I am enthusiastically following my friend’s lead and recommending The Get Downs all over the show!

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