Michael Tonkin

Hi Mike

Although two days on I’m still a little delicate from my party which actually ended as the sun came up, I wanted to convey my thanks to you and the band as soon as possible. I think I managed a thank you on the night but I suspect that that was probably more of a drunken slur.

So here it is. Thank you! Music is something that is really important in my life and having failed miserably to master the trombone and play jazz, I now find myself listening endlessly to all types of music. Having spent some considerable time selecting your band for the types of music you play and listening to your online music for the right sound, I knew I was going to enjoy hearing you play. I was however a little nervous as to whether everyone else would enjoy my music preferences. I have however been completely blown away by the response. If you ever need a reference all 106 of my guests will provide one as I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t raved about your performance. The most common comments are about the range of music you play, interestingly/pleasingly how much you appeared to enjoy playing for us, and finally (a comment which made me smile) several wives/girlfriends commented that until my party and your music they hadn’t managed to get their respective partners on the dance floor since they first met! We really needed a bigger dance floor.

Please do pass on my thanks and comments to your band members.

In your first email you asked what you should play for my first dance at my wedding. If I ever get married and it’s in the UK then I’ll let you know…

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